What are the most beautiful beaches in Tulum?

Tulum Beaches

Tulum, located in the state of Quintana Roo, itself situated on the Yucatan Peninsula, boasts 9 kilometers of highly touristic coastline with hotels, restaurants, and numerous beach clubs.

Tulum is a city that has managed to stand out compared to Playa Del Carmen and Cancun.

Its trademark? A unique “eco-chic” concept in the country; the city has decided to prioritize sustainable development at the heart of all its tourism projects.

Tulum, a recent city, has succeeded in building a global reputation for tourism in just a few years.

Its beaches are obviously part of the best beaches in Mexico. In this article, I will share my favorite picks for the best Tulum Beaches.

The beaches of Tulum remain pristine and spectacular. Below, I will present a list of the 8 best beaches in Tulum and its area.

The majority of Tulum’s beaches are located between the northern part of the Tulum hotel zone and the Tulum ruins. This large strip of white sand is home to four different beaches.

🤔 Sargassum Seaweed

For several years now, Tulum’s beaches have been affected by the phenomenon of sargassum seaweed (typically from March to September).

Even during sargassum season, there are periods without seaweed as strandings are random and depend on winds and currents.

Additionally, many hotels and beach clubs have cleaning teams in place.

1. Punta Allen

Punta Allen is a small fishing village located at the very end of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve.

Here, you’ll find numerous completely untouched beaches, completely isolated from the world!

If you want to go to one of the best untouched beach of Tulum, then the Punta Allen beaches are the right place for you!

In the heart of the Sian Ka’an Reserve, during a boat tour, you can observe many animals such as dolphins, crocodiles, turtles, and birds…

To get to Sian Ka’an, you can go by rental car, colectivo, or through a day tour agency.

The latter option is certainly the easiest; you’ll observe animals, snorkel on the reef, and enjoy the untouched beaches and crystal-clear waters of Sian Ka’an!

I recommend this day tour to the Sian Ka’an biosphere with transportation and guide included.

Punta Allen Sian Ka'an

Sian Ka’an Boat Tour

Discover the wild beauty of Sian Ka’an by boat! Sail through turquoise lagoons, spot dolphins and turtles, and explore the mysteries of this preserved natural reserve. An unforgettable adventure in Mexico!

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Punta Allen Sian Ka'an

2. Playa Paraiso: Tulum’s Most Iconic Beach

Playa Paraiso is the perfect beach for an afternoon in Tulum in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Picture white sandy shores, crystal-clear waters, and palm trees! It’s not called Paradise Beach for nothing.

In fact, it’s considered one of Mexico’s most beautiful beaches due to the beauty of its waters, which display a stunning gradient of colors ranging from turquoise to deeper shades of blue.

Additionally, it boasts a wide stretch of peaceful, white, fine sand with few beach clubs.

👉 It’s on this beach that you’ll find the famous leaning palm tree.

Playa Paraiso

Just next to this public beach in Tulum, you’ll find the Tulum ruins, an essential site to learn more about Mayan history.

🤿 Snorkeling on the Reef

Snorkeling in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is perfect to enjoy a great activity.

Various tour agencies can be found directly on the beach offering snorkeling trips to the barrier reef, the second largest in the world, where you can observe rays and turtles in Mexico.

The activity costs 250 Mexican Pesos and includes the boat ride to the reef as well as snorkeling equipment.

Restaurants near Playa Paraiso

Pancho Villa: Offers very good seafood dishes. Prices are somewhat high but the cuisine is excellent.

Cinco Tulum: Known for its excellent dishes and service. The restaurant is located on the beach with poufs and beds for maximum comfort.

How to Get to Playa Paraiso?

If you are staying in an hotel in Tulum, to reach Playa Paraiso from the Tulum hotel zone, walk north towards the Tulum ruins. You’ll find a small path on the right leading directly to the beach.

If you’re coming from downtown Tulum or Playa del Carmen, take a colectivo to the Tulum ruins and then walk up the path towards the ruins, pass them, and continue along the road.

If you are renting a car, there is a parking lot to park your car at the entrance of the Tulum ruins.

You’ll find the small trail on the left leading to the beach.

To access the beaches of Tulum located within the Tulum National Park (Playa Paraiso, Playa Pescadores, Playa Santa Fe, and Playa Las Palmas), it is necessary to pay an entrance fee of 58 Mexican Pesos (MXN).

Tulum Beaches

3. Playa Pescadores

Playa Pescadores is located right next to Playa Paraiso mentioned earlier. It’s named after the many fishing boats that depart from here early each morning to supply fish to the entire Tulum hotel zone.

Along this beach, you’ll find numerous restaurants and beach clubs offering fresh ceviche. Don’t hesitate to try the local specialty with the catch of the day!

From this beach as well, you can embark on a boat tour and enjoy a snorkeling activity on the reef.

Feel free to negotiate prices (250 pesos per person) for an hour of snorkeling with turtles, fish, and rays. Equipment included.

Playa Pescadores

Restaurants near Playa Pescadores

La Diosa Tulum: A restaurant and beach club with a magnificent view of the Caribbean Sea.

Villa Pescadores Beach Club: This is the beach club of the hotel of the same name. It’s accessible even if you’re not staying at the hotel.

4. Playa Santa Fe

Playa Santa Fe offers a great family day out in Tulum.

Being one of the closest beaches to the Tulum ruins, it’s highly popular as it provides a refreshing break right after visiting the ruins.

The beach has several toilets and showers available.

Located at the northernmost end of this paradisiacal white sand strip, it may also be the busiest. Don’t hesitate to walk a few minutes further south to find a spot to lay your towel and fully enjoy this beach!

Playa Santa Fe

Restaurants near Playa Santa Fe

Santa Fe Tulum Beach Club: The only restaurant on Santa Fe Beach. Prices are quite high; consider dining at restaurants in Playa Paraiso or Playa Pescadores nearby instead.

5. Playa Las Palmas

Playa Las Palmas is the last beach in the stretch of sand in the Tulum hotel zone, located furthest south and farthest from the Tulum ruins.

As a result, it’s quieter and much less crowded than its neighbors.

You’ll still enjoy the same pristine water and white sand conditions, plus the tranquility.

This beach doesn’t have beach clubs, restaurants, or rental sunbeds, which is a definite advantage! Bring a picnic and bask in the sun to your heart’s content.

Playa Las Palmas

6. Bahía Soliman

Soliman is a hidden and tranquil gem of the Riviera Maya situated between Tulum and Akumal, making it a perfect escape from the city and tourist crowds.

The sea is shallow, and the beach is close to the coral reef, making it the ideal Tulum beach for spending a day with children and doing some snorkeling.

Since 2021, access to the beach is no longer possible unless you are staying at one of the villas or hotels in Bahia Soliman, unfortunately.

The only access point to the beach will be to dine at the Jashita & Pandano restaurant.

Bahia Soliman

Restaurants near Bahía Soliman

Oscar & Lalo Restaurant, Bar & Grill: A well-known restaurant on the federal highway connecting Playa Del Carmen to Tulum, located just across from the entrance to Bahia Soliman. The restaurant offers a wide selection of seafood dishes.

7. Playa Xcacel

Playa Xcacel is a beach in Tulum that hosts a turtle sanctuary. Indeed, many turtles come to lay eggs and create nests during the season (May to November).

Access to the beach is subject to a fee (105 pesos), which is a contribution to the turtle protection center.

🐢 Turtles at Xcacel

Every year, 200,000 baby turtles hatch on this beach. During this period, the accessible areas are limited.

The turtle sanctuary team posts daily photos of the beach conditions, which is helpful during the sargassum season. You can visit this link.

👉 The beach is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm.

On this beach, you won’t find any restaurants or beach clubs. Food, alcoholic beverages, and dogs are also prohibited.

I recommend bringing your snorkeling equipment when sea conditions are good to enjoy the reef.

There’s also a small cenote next to the Xcacel beach.

Xcacel is a gem located not far from Tulum and largely protected from mass tourism.

Xcacel Beach

How to Get to Playa Xcacel?

You can reach Playa Xcacel by colectivo. Ask the driver to drop you off at the entrance of the road leading to Xcacel beach.

8. Akumal Beach

Akumal, which means “land of turtles” in Maya, is a well-known beach for its turtles feeding just a few dozen meters from the shore.

But that’s not the only attraction of Akumal beach; it’s a beautiful beach lined with numerous palm trees!

This beach is located about fifteen minutes away by colectivo from Tulum.

If you want to enjoy the beach or go snorkeling, Akumal beach is ideal.

Access to Akumal beach is subject to a fee of 120 pesos, every day from 8 am to 5 pm. This fee grants access to toilets, lockers, and showers.

🐢 Once you’ve gained access to the beach, you’ll have the opportunity to swim with the turtles through one of the many cooperatives present on the beach.

In the past, beach access was free, and it was possible to swim with the turtles without a guide, on your own. Now, it’s a different story:

A guide is mandatory and will be assigned to you before entering the water. There’s no need to reserve; the departure will be immediate.

Each guide can take a maximum of 6 people, so if you’re only 2, you’ll be grouped with other visitors.
The swim lasts a maximum of one hour and follows a guided “course.”

The cost is 500 Mexican Pesos per person, which includes the guide and snorkeling equipment.

👉 I recommend to book this tour to Tulum ruins and swimming with turtles in Akumal.


Restaurants near Akumal

La Cueva del Pescador: This budget-friendly restaurant is located just opposite the entrance to Akumal beach. They offer international cuisine as well as typical Mexican dishes.

La Buena Vida: This restaurant is located 5 minutes from Akumal beach. The view of the sea and the “media luna” bay is superb.

What to Bring for Visiting the Beaches of Tulum?

For your visit to the beaches of Tulum, here’s what you should prepare:

👙 Swimsuit

✔️ Towel

📸 Camera

🤿 Snorkel gear

🧴 Sunscreen: The Caribbean sun is strong all year round with very high UV indices. Bring sunscreen, preferably biodegradable, to participate in ecosystem preservation.

💰 Cash: To access Tulum’s public beaches, there’s an entry fee of 58 pesos for the national park, payable in cash. Many shops and restaurants don’t accept credit cards or charge an additional percentage. To avoid these inconveniences, it’s best to have cash in the local currency (Mexican Pesos) with you.

🪪 A copy of your passport: It’s always recommended to have your passport with you when traveling. If you’re going to the beach or participating in water activities, consider carrying a copy of your passport on your phone while leaving the original at your hotel.

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