What to do in Muyil?

What to do in Muyil ?

Muyil is one of the two main parts of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere reserve. This part is less touristy than Punta Allen as Punta Allen is considered as the classic tour where it’s possible to observe dolphins and turtles… but this is not possible in the Muyil area. However, Muyil has its jewels, an incredible flora, an archaeological ruins site, natural canals and many birds to observe. So, if you are looking what to do in Sian Ka’an, here we will especially talk about the Muyil area, read our guide !

Muyil Floating Canals

Floating along the canals of Muyil is a spectacular experience. Put a life jacket on and let the current take you along the river without any effort. You will have mangrove all around you in absolute calmness. It’s definitely a relaxing activity in the heart of the Sian Ka’an biosphere.

Visiting the archaeological ruins site of Muyil

There is an archaeological site in Muyil but its original name is unknown. Muyil is the name given to one of the lagoons next to the site since the colonial era. It’s also known as Chunyaxché.

Due to its geographical position, this place has been occupied for a long time. The first human presence was at the Late Preclassic (300 – 50 BC), when the site was linked with other colonial cities of northern Belize and southern Quintana Roo. This relationship broke during the Late Classic, when the one with the Yucatan Peninsula was strengthened. Muyil experienced a significant population growth and some of the buildings of this era are still preserved today. You can see some of them while visiting the archaeological ruins site of Muyil.

muyil ruins

At the beginning of the classical period (250 – 600 AD), Muyil was already an important town where important buildings were built in the Pétain style, such as “El Castillo” and its three bases located at the Entrance. At the beginning of the Postclassic (1000 – 1200 AD) and due to its strategic location, Muyil had regular contacts, first with Chichén Itzá, then with Mayapán. Most of the buildings known today were built in the late Postclassic (AD 1200 – 1450), and the city acquired great importance as part of the coastal trade networks of the Peninsula.

Birdwatching in Muyil

You will find a luxuriante nature in Muyil. Bird observation is a must see activity in Muyil. To observe them, we advise you to opt for a tour with a guide. Thus, he will explain to you the fauna and the different species of birds inhabiting the Muyil area. You can observe 40 to 80 species of birds in this area, depending on the season.

Most of the tours take you bird watching in a small Mayan community, on a trail through the heart of the jungle, and in Muyil.

How long does it take to visit the Muyil area?

Muyil is close to Tulum, you might like to read our article about how to get to Muyil. Half-day is enough to visit the archaeological site and the canals. If you want to experience bird watching, canals floating and a visit to the archaeological site then yes you will need a full day. It will also be an opportunity to eat in a Mayan village and have an authentic experience.

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