Tulum: the trendy “Eco-chic” destination in Mexico

tulum eco-chic city

Tulum is an unmissable place in Mexico. Located just an hour and a half from Cancun, its beautiful beaches, nice weather and bohemian chic atmosphere turn this city into the perfect place to get away for a few days or forever!

What is the “Eco-chic” concept?

The green values are undoubtedly present in Tulum, this town locates south of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Sustainable, renewable, recyclable products and everything that helps to protect the environment have become increasingly important in recent years.

Some time ago, thinking to a 100% ecological place was like thinking to a very basic, rustic and without luxury place.

Now, all this has changed. The “Eco-chic” concept gave a new meaning to comfort, and Tulum made it famous.

This concept is not just related to your environmental impact, but also to the manufacturing process of the product, the vision of the company. In short: a social consciousness with style.

Eco-chic is everything that is natural, non-toxic, and brings an individual and collective well-being, but it is also a unique, luxurious and elegant concept. Tulum in Mexico follows this concept exactly.

A rustic luxury?

The rustic atmosphere of Tulum is not contradictory to luxury. Most of the hotels only have a few rooms.

A lot of them have a rustic style with bamboo cabins for example, and they turn off the lights at 11PM.

There isn’t any air conditioner, except possibly a few hours available, but the fresh sea breeze cools the atmosphere while some candles light up the living room in a romantic way.

In Tulum, everything follows this concept. For example, restaurants are decorated with local material.

They offer a gourmet cuisine prepared with typical and local ingredients which ensures that you feel at home.

Eco-chic lifestyle

Taking care of the environment does not mean not having fun, it is just the opposite.

During the day, the idyllic white sand beaches offer a perfect and relaxed atmosphere with yoga, healthy cocktails and hipsters.

You can also visit the Tulum ruins to learn about the Mayan culture.

day zero tulum

In the evening, there is a party vibe in the city with dozens of restaurants and bars. Whether it is electronic music or jazz, there is something for everyone’s taste.

Tulum has a fun and eclectic mix of options to go out at night with a typical bohemian chic atmosphere.

At the beginning of January, Tulum is the place to be for all electronic music fans. Indeed, the best DJ’s in the world are coming (Tale of Us, Solomun, Black Coffee, Damian Lazarus, Bodzin…).

The “Day Zero” festival is curated by Damian Lazarus and “Afterlife“, the label of Tale of Us. Every year, they both headline the festival.

Live in Tulum

This magical city has one of the current most innovative projects: the life in an autonomous and Eco-chic community.

If you love this concept and want to live with a minimal ecological impact, Tulum is for you.

You will find spectacular places in harmony with the jungle and its biodiversity.

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